Maintaining health includes many aspects related to the physical body such as: quality nutrition, quality food plants, avoidance of a diet containing harmful substances, consumption of organic products as clean as possible. Preserving clean environmental factors such as clean toiletries from harmful substances, clean cosmetics from harmful substances, and environmentally friendly cleaning materials.

There is another important element in maintaining health but most of us tend to ignore it and it is the mind, its vulnerability, and its extensive impact on our health and protection. Factors such as the noisy environment in which we live, pressure from relationships, pressures from an early age within educational systems and learning aimed at achievement, which have no place for the developing person within the young child. Working under stress and emotional tension that leave the person who has been educated to achievements from childhood to face increasing pressures that cause the collapse of body systems. Stress and tensions also reach the age of three, in which we find people who grew up and were educated in a society where the emotional place is not available. People who are in their third year of age and need a supportive environment are left alone in a closed emotional cage.

Many of the “new” diseases are quickly associated with psychiatric drugs because they contain not only the physical element but many emotional components that surround the person. The connection between body and mind is an important element to which great attention must be paid. Body-soul connections are the tools that connect a person to his relative health even in difficult illness situations. Diseases of the digestive system, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, colitis, pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and many other diseases are connected to the body through the body’s state of mind.

Western medicine provides many answers that constitute the therapeutic basis for these diseases. Medicine combined body of mind adds to them the support of the place where the body meets the soul. With the help of processes such as the journey, where forgiveness is like a healing bandage on the wounds of the heart, the release and separation of old patterns in which the person runs his life and builds a more positive system of self-image and positive emotions. Chinese medicine using therapeutic formulas that support the healing processes of the mind within the body. High quality nutritional supplements that improve natural oxidation and thus help in positive healing processes. Movement and physical activity that allow for the decomposition of toxicity created in the body and soul, all in accordance with the person’s physical condition and abilities. Exercise and controlled movement are also positive in places of severe physical withdrawal due to illness or age. The movement must be adapted to the person and his ability and is an important tool for strengthening the connection between the body and the soul.

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  • In my understanding, natural medicine is a medicine that relies on unchanging natural principles. I will give an example from another field to clarify the matter: Gravity, whose laws were first formulated by Newton hundreds of years ago, still serves us today in a wide range of aspects, such as space flight, because they describe unchanging legality. The best resource on the web for natural remedies –
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